Sao PauloLucas Valente da Costa

Founded: September 19th 2015
Organizer: Gustavo Gracitelli

With over 12 million inhabitants, the largest city in Latin America hosts a fast-growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. New businesses mean innovation, development and growth, but also plenty of difficulties, which can be best addressed by well experienced and diverse people! We believe that collaboration shortens the pathway to overcome challenges, and this is exactly what we want to raise awareness about and boost by launching House of Genius in São Paulo. We are here to bring challenges from the real world to real problem solvers, incentivizing disruptive thinking, supportive input and creative new ideas! Interested? Click Here to apply now!


Gustavo Gracitelli
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While studying Economics at University, I started my career volunteering for AIESEC, afterwards doing an internship at a consulting company of which I was invited to become a partner, and then working for two years in the financial market. I was also responsible for raising funds (R$100k) at my first entrepreneurial adventure (Expedição 4×1 – a car expedition with 4 friends throughout 19 American countries) which, besides getting funding, received a lot of media exposure. Currently, I am one of the founders of bynd, an urban mobility solution for companies, mainly focused on a carpooling platform (web and mobile).


Alex ValloneAlex Vallone
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Alex describes himself as a “pure breed” generalist, always looking for new experiences to learn something
completely different (from playing field hockey to spending a month in a Buddhist monastery). He has
earned a Bachelor Degree in International Relations from University of São Paulo in 2007, but decided to pursue his career in Science, Technology and Innovation. That has led him to take a Master’s Degree in S&T Policy in 2017 at the University of Campinas. He currently works as Innovation Manager at IPT, a public research organization that provides technological solutions in many fields of engineering and technology.


Andressa AmaralAndressa Duarte Amaral
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Andressa graduated in Economics at Universidade de São Paulo (USP). By the end of college, she discovered Digital Marketing and fell in love with the field, working with Facebook and Google Ads ever since. She really likes to work at start-ups because everything is dynamic and you get to learn a lot. She already worked at Kanui, VivaReal and has been working for the past 2 years as Digital Marketing Expert at BlaBlaCar – a French company that helps people who wants to split their costs in intermunicipal commutes.


Lara KadocsaLara Kadocsa
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Lara is an actress passionate about the power of community. Having earned a Bachelor Degree in Cultural Studies from Humboldt University in Berlin, she organized art-historical excursions around the world for the Freie Universität Berlin. Back to São Paulo, she worked as Cultural Project Manager for German schools at the Goethe-Institut and as Cultural Attachée at the Consulate General of Luxembourg in São Paulo, while finishing her studies in acting. On stage she realized that collaboration is key. For her, House of Genius is about expanding this feeling of community and collaboration off stage.


Sylvia RomanelliSylvia Romanelli
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Sylvia holds a Bachelor Degree in International Relations from the State University of São Paulo with an international certification in Social Business by the ESPM Yunus Business Center. She worked with Inclusive Businesses during an internship at the United Nations Development Program and with refugee issues at the UN Agency for Refugees. In the area of ​​social entrepreneurship, she managed the operations of Bliive, the world’s largest time exchange platform. She currently works as Startup Project Manager at swissnex Brazil, a public-private venture of the Swiss government that aims to connect Switzerland with the greatest hubs of innovation in the world.stage.





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