Founded: Summer 2013

Organizer: Josh Anderson

Times: Sessions occur from about 5:45PM – 8:45PM.

Because of its proximity to Seattle, Microsoft, and the great outdoors, Redmond has sprung up as an incredible spawning ground for start-ups on the “east-side” of the Seattle area.  There is nothing quite like the house of genius in the area that mixes the room brilliantly to let the genius come out. You can get an idea of what to expect from this video of participants who have just experienced a House of Genius in Seattle :

Apply to be a part of the mix for an evening of disruptive thinking that happens on the first Thursday of every month, unless otherwise noted.


Josh Anderson, OrganizerJosh Andeson Bio Picture/Moderator
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Josh Anderson is a thought leader in building life and business out of thin air. He is currently running out of North Bend, WA.  Josh built his career at Microsoft where he invested 17 years starting off by being the only person to sell 20% of a Microsoft single products total sales by himself and ending with the success of turning Microsoft into a key enterprise vendor in most fortune 500 companies.

After being inspired by contributing to a House of Genius in Austin, TX, Josh brought the House of Genius to Seattle and launched this one with that has enjoyed an incredible run over the last several years.

In his free time, Josh is a pizzaiolo in his kitchen, skis and snow shoes in the winter, bikes cyclo-cross in the summer, and runs every day of this life. He enjoys exploring, learning, finding deals, home remodeling and landscaping, and lastly aspires to be at the helm of his own sailboat one day.

AnneSamoilovAnne Samoilov, Co-Organizer/Host
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Anne Samoilov is the creator of Fearless Launching, an online training program that teaches entrepreneurs how to successfully launch their businesses and programs. You can learn more about her at her website, and grab the free launch toolkit at:


Jilene Wagner Jilene Wagner, Co-Organizer/Scribe
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Currently a mother of three, Jilene is used to uncontrolled chaos. Always looking for new challenges and new things to learn, Jilene has worked in various fields including finance, marketing, sales, and project management. Currently enrolled school to pursue her passion in financial strategy and management.



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  • The first Thursday of every other month unless otherwise noted below.
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