Founded: April 2013
City Director: Andrew Mortimer
City Moderator: Samad Masood
City Organisers: Priya Arora & Julianne Sloane

Times: Sessions occur from about 6:45 – 9:30 PM. It’s helpful to arrive about 15 minutes early.

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About Us

House of Genius helps strengthen the fabric of London, which represents one of the largest European entrepreneurial centres. In a place teeming with talent, sessions are guaranteed to be remarkable.

Upcoming 2020 Sessions

  • Mar 11th
  • May TBA
  • July TBA

Our London Team


Andrew Mortimer

Andrew is a management consultant, specialising in the global automotive industry. He has run divisions of large corporates like eBay and supported strategy and operations for Gumtree, Mercedes-Benz and BP to name but a few. He is currently contracted to one of BP’s portfolio technology companies where he operates as interim CEO through his firm Andrew also mentors several start-ups and scale-ups as well as advising VC’s as a thought leader in the automotive space. He is passionate about helping businesses in his community through exciting new initiatives like House of Genius.


Samad Masood

Samad Masood began his career as a technology journalist, and then became an industry analyst forecasting and predicting IT trends over the first decade of the millennium. He currently runs an innovation accelerator at Accenture that brings start-ups together with the world’s leading banks. Samad grew up in South East Asia but settled in the UK in 1995 when he came to do his degree in Sociology at the University of Surrey. He is a fan of sci-fi novels, computer games and cycling….if ever he finds the time to indulge them.


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