Little Rock

Founded: Oct 1st
Organizer: Bernie Baskin

Dates: Sessions will be held on October 21, December 2, January 13.

Little Rock is in the midst of a creative and entrepreneurial renaissance. Over the last decade the entreprenurial scene has developed into a vibrant scene with many companies securing sizable funding to aid in growth. House of Genius adds to this scene by providing a structured forum through which entrepreneurs can present and solve challenges.



Bernard Baskin
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During the last 15 years, Bernie has had the wonderful fortune to work in a variety of different industries for many different organizations under fabulous leaders and mentors, in quite a few different places around the world. He has headed up a marketing department, practiced law on multiple continents, advised governments, multinational corporations and craftsmen alike on their business practices, started multiple companies and closed a few as well. He’s learned how to negotiate with nefarious officials in places he would rather not visit again, and worked to promote business, art and culture in places he would happily live out the rest of his days. Through the years, he’s learned a great deal about how the world works, how organizations are best run, how to draw the best out of people, and how to think creatively to push the ball forward. He is happiest when confronted with a challenge that requires creativity to solve and surrounded by individuals who actually want to see the problem solved. The world moves very fast and he intends to race the sun. He love challenges. What’s yours?


Jordan Carlisle
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In 2012, Jordan realized his lifelong dream to entrepreneurship would not be reached through corporate ladder climbing, so he began learning what it takes to build tech companies by attending Startup Weekends. Just before his final semester at the University of Missouri, Jordan moved back in with his parents while bootstrapping what would be his first failed venture. While working a day job improving Wal-Mart’s general ledger management processes, Jordan ushered in a wave of entrepreneurial activity across the state as founding organizer for Arkansas Startup Weekends, 1 Million Cups Little Rock, and Startup Digest Arkansas. These efforts led to a role developing the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce’s first ever Director of Entrepreneurship, which amplified the scope and frequency of entrepreneurial activity across the state. Now Jordan focuses full­time on building his newest venture ­, the best way for strength and conditioning coaches to track athletes’ performance.

John Slattery

John Slattery
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Since 2011 John has been the lead clinical research program manager and head of operations for clinical trials focused on Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) and other neurodevelopmental disorders that are conducted in the Autism Research Program (ARP) at Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI). John has co­authored many peer­reviewed scientific manuscripts, written detailed procedural guides for how to conduct pediatric clinical research, and has been invited to write a book chapter summarizing the usage of N­acetylcysteine (NAC) in neuropsychiatry which is currently being compiled. Prior to his work at ACHRI he was employed in Philadelphia, PA doing functional brain imaging research at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also the head of operations for a small startup company in Little Rock, AR focused on connecting active and health conscious people to engage and interact through a proximity based mobile application.




The Hive



The Hive,
2207 Cantrell Road,
Little Rock,
AR 72202

Session Dates

  • October 21
  • December 2
  • January 13