Founded: Summer 2013
City Director: İnci Usta Dağıdır & Yavuz Melih Gürel

Times: Sessions run from about 6:30PM – 9:30PM.

We create collaboration at House of Genius Istanbul. Apply to be a part of an evening of disruptive thinking and creative problem solving with Istanbul’s most innovative new venture creators!


Fotoİnci Usta Dağıdır, Co-City Director & City Organizer
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 İnci Usta Dağıdır was born in Istanbul, graduating from Bilecik University in 2011. Following her undergraduate studies, she worked as an Education Specialist at Halic University while earning a Master’s Degree from their MBA program. After her master’s training, Inci worked as a Business Development and Project Specialist in various national and international social projects. She played an active role in the establishment of the Way Turkey Incubation Center. She is currently working as a Business Development Specialist at Workinton.

Yavuz Melih Gürel, Co-City Director & City Organizer
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Yavuz Melih Gürel was born in Ankara, moving to Istanbul to further his educational carrier studying Mathematics, then living 2 years abroad in Italy. He started his undergraduate studies at Haliç University on the basis of Business Development and Project Specialist. Feeling a need to do more, he joined social responsibility and volunteer programs working alongside Entrepreneurship and Social Projects writing and coordinating projects of national and international organizations. After working for 3 years at Haliç University, he started his new job in the Business Development department at Workinton Company in 2017, carrying out the activities of the Acceleration and Incubation Center.


In Loving Memory of
Deniz Naba

“Deniz’in Türk girişimciliğine katkıları çok büyüktü ve yapacağı daha birçok güzel şey vardı. House of Genius Istanbul’da onun sayesinde farklı bir boyut ve bilinirlik kazanmış, sayısız girişimciye ilham olmuştu. Çok üzgün de olsak, Deniz’in emanetine sahip çıkacağız ve hep beraber bu eko-sisteme katkılarımızı sürdüreceğiz.”
Ege Büyüktaşkın, former Istanbul City Director

Gamze Buyukguzel
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Volkan Karabacak
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Murat Senyurek
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Kayahan Goltepe
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Hakan Erdener
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House of Genius Istanbul is volunteer run and sponsor supported. We welcome sponsors that believe in entrepreneurship to join by the month or year in supporting our organization.

Become a sponsor! Write to:


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Session Venues & Dates

Each monthly session is by invitation only to a new selection of individuals who have applied online. Anyone can apply! Session dates and locations are only provided with an invitation. Sessions are held monthly.

Our locations include some of Istanbul’s best: Trendyol, The Walt Disney Company, AFF Reklam, Limango, Turk Telekom, Yemek Sepeti, Teb Girisim Evi-Atasehir, Turkcell Plaza VIP Cafe, Moda Yacht Club, Urban Station Sishane Branch, Lego Turkey

Contact us about hosting a House of Genius at your location.

Upcoming Sessions:

  • April 23
  • May 14
  • June 16
  • July 9
  • August 13
  • September 10