Founded: Summer 2013

City Director: Opportunity Available
Email: hongkong@houseofgenius.org

Times:  To be announced

House of Genius expands to Hong Kong! Apply to be a part of the mix for an evening of disruptive thinking that happens one evening of every month, unless otherwise noted.


Under Construction!

House of Genius exists to help entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers engage a more diverse network to gain the perspectives, creative ideas and critical feedback that really makes a difference. We’re on a mission to change the world of entrepreneurship by making it a community endeavor rather than an individual one. Our volunteer-run community service is now in 25 cities in 8 countries, we’re on track to reach 100 cities by 2016. We’re always looking for bright, interesting people to get involved as Lead Geniuses, City Directors and volunteers for the House in their cities.

Please contact hq@houseofgenius.org for information on how YOU can become a part of this incredible organization in Hong Kong.



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Our venues change frequently and are announced as dates are set.

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Upcoming Sessions

  • Currently “under construction”
Apply For ‘Genius Hong Kong!