Founded: May 2014
Organizer: Simla Somturk
Email: fortcollins@houseofgenius.org

Dates: Houses are held periodically throughout the year in Ft Collins. For each session, we assemble a new and interesting collection of individuals from diverse backgrounds and sectors as three entrepreneurs present their business challenges for fresh perspectives and creative ideas. Please apply online now for the opportunity to join one of our upcoming invitation-only sessions. Three presentations, a room full of creative people and a unique format will make for a great evening.



Simla Somturk, City Director
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Apply For ‘Genius Fort Collins!


Our venues change from time to time. Your invitation will include all event details.

Write to us about hosting a House of Genius session! ftcollins@houseofgenius.org

Session Dates

  • Periodic sessions will be held in 2015 by invitation only.
  • Anyone can apply to join the community and attend a future session by invitation.
  • Open House, Fort Collins Startup Week, May 22, 2014