Founded: October 2014
City Leaders: Sainath S
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Times: Sessions occur Friday evenings from about 3:00PM – 6:00PM. It’s helpful to arrive a few minutes early.

We are excited to announce Bangalore as our first city in India!

Anyone may apply but you must be invited to join a House. We curate a new group of entrepreneurs and thought leaders for every session. Please apply if you are interested in attending.


Sainath S, City Director
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Founder of a leadership pedestal platform called L-Perspective & ELADO

Enjoying the interesting phase of being an entrepreneur, from a willingness to make mistakes, dirtying my hands and staying true to myself. I also consult organizations based out of India for their India business entry strategy, performance exuberance and facilitate go-to-market & the last mile milieu.

The other half of my time been interacting on a renewable ecosystem, as a social entrepreneur; largely grounded to the alternate livelihood strategies & script new ways of being self-reliant.

My personal interests are community network hobbyist, travel, culinary and wine enthusiasts, an avid world cinema connoisseur, screenwriter, critic and a blogger.

Adithya Vasudevan, Co-City DirectorAdithya
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Entrepreneur, thinker and strategy-architect at-heart. Co-Founder at two Swiss companies – Decision-Intelligence GmbH, and Just Like Water (DI-Invest GmbH).

Envisage and invented DI tools in-house, which is a powerful means of finding a fit between a system (read Company or Organisation) and its environment. Besides, at Just Like Water (DI-Invest), work alongside start-ups, over an extended period, ranging between 3 and 5 years. The value proposition spans strategy-development, business-development (via Ecosystems), broader environment-level activities (thought-leadership, intelligence coalitions) and support roles.

As a passion-project, co-host House of Genius, a collaborative platform for Entrepreneurs, at IIM-Bangalore. HOG operates in more than 25 locations around the world, giving early-stage entrepreneurs a unique platform to receive 360-degree feedback on their ideas, and peer-supported access to vital resources.

I love exploring other walks – Languages, History, Travel, the Great Outdoors, Literature and the Arts, World Music, World Cinema, and World-Cuisine get my juices flowing. I’ve hosted World-Cinema and World-music gatherings, dabbled as an amateur theatre actor. I relish a good conversation. Do connect, if you have something to share, exchange or give, or something I could help you with in return.

Micheal Hussey- Instigator/Organizer
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In memory of Adithya Pasupuleti
A promising entrepreneur and inventor taken too soon.
We are grateful for all his work and commitment to his community.

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Session Dates

Monthly sessions will be held in 2015 by invitation only to a new group. Anyone can apply to join the community and be invited to participate in upcoming sessions.

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