Founded: February 18, 2016
City Director: Scott Geoffrey Parsinen

Helping business innovators and leaders realize their DREAMS through a collaborative genius environment in one unique and revolutionary evening.



Scott Geoffrey Parsinen, City Director
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Serial entrepreneur, fledgling inventor, and serious foodie, Scott is President & CEO of Parsinen Dental Ventures, LLC, a new start-up in the dental & biotech sector with big plans for global expansion in 2016. While starting up his newest venture within the walls of the aptly named “Startup Lounge” at his beloved alma mater, the University of Texas at Arlington, Scott became an organizer at 1 Million Cups in Fort Worth, TX, where he learned about the House of Genius. The rest is history and Arlington is soon to become a great company to the other amazing Houses in the US! Scott is a proud husband to his way smarter wife Melissa and fun Dad to their 5 talented high school and college “kids”.

Asami Nagakura

Asami Nagakura
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Born and raised in Japan, Asami has multiple host families in the States as well as her real family in Japan. While pursuing her Masters in TESOL(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at the University of Texas at Arlington, Asami works as the Strategic Initiatives Coordinator at the Startup Lounge on campus and is the organizer of the amazing “EpicMavs” Entrepreneurs Bootcamp. In her spare time, you may find her cooking banana bread but with absolutely no cinnamon!


General Assembly
We Marathon



The Startup Lounge @ UTA (505 W. Nedderman Drive)

PINN Station in Downtown Arlington (201 E. Abram Street)

Dates and Locations

  • Launching the Dream Session 1: Thursday, Feb 18th
    The Startup Lounge @ UTA
  • Dream Session 2: Thursday, March 24th
    PINN Station in Downtown Arlington
  • Dream Session 3: Thursday, April 21st
    The Startup Lounge @ UTA
  • Dream Session 4: Thursday,┬áJuly 28th
    PINN Station
  • Dream Session 5: Thursday, August 25th
    The Startup Lounge @ UTA
  • Dream Session 6: Thursday,┬áSeptember 22nd
    PINN Station