Founded: February 2013
City Director: Michael Koenka
Moderators: Charlotte Koenka, Michael Koenka
Organizers: Charlotte Koenka, Erika Perley
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Location: Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
 Sessions occur from 7:00PM – 10:00PM.
Please plan to arrive by 6:45PM to be on the safe side.


About the Amsterdam House

Amsterdam, though small in scale, is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world with over 175 nationalities living together. We will marry this spirit of diversity nicely with the mission of House of Genius to bring a global perspective and world-class talent to developing businesses.

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The Amsterdam Team

Michael Koenka
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Web: MDK.Amsterdam

Michael Koenka is a TED talk pitch trainer and innovation strategist for people, startups, brands and advertising agencies looking to influence anyone, anytime and anywhere. From Montréal, Michael has lived in Amsterdam for more than 6 years, and loves being a part of the vibrant local startup community.

Passionate about good people, and great ideas Michael is a geek on a quest to blend human behaviour with technology in crazy new ways. Whether teaching, coaching, mentoring startups, or planning global cross-media marketing strategies, Michael seeks to create a world where communications is useful, and meaningful.

A fanatic of human, social and business psychology, he graduated with a Masters in International and Developmental Affairs from NPSIA/SPPA at Carleton Univeristy in Ottawa, Canada. Always hungry, and forever curious to meet new people, be sure to reach out to him any time.

Erika Perley
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img_2517After wrapping up linguistics studies at Concordia University in Montreal, Erika started off her career under a pile of investment banking compliance and trading reports, while answering the every beck and call of a team of top brokers.

Not satisfied with white-out and dot-matrix printouts of what was hot on the markets yesterday, she took a leap to Europe and chased up what was happening in the now – delving into sales and language consulting, gigs at a couple of major IT players, skilling up on old-school waterfall and later agile-base project management methodologies, which she later parlayed into serving at several burgeoning Amsterdam startups. Her focus is on roadmapping go-to-market, digital marketing strategies and growth hacking.

Erika is most passionate about engineering meaningful interactions between major brands and consumers, shaping the relationship and emotional currency brands have to play with, both above and below the line.

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Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy
Oostelijke Handelskade 34,
1019 BN Amsterdam
+31 20 561 3636

Session Dates

Sessions will be held in 2016 by invitation only for those who are nominated, or apply. Anyone can apply to join the community and be invited to participate in upcoming sessions.