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A great visual representation that there is not much genius without collaboration:

And a great visual representation that there is tons of genius with collaboration:

Cheers to Austin!

Over the past eight months, we’ve watched House of Genius Boulder evolve into a family. Yet as our network grows with each session, our home must also expand. With that in mind, we recently welcomed House of Genius Austin to the table.

The structure of House of Genius was designed to reach beyond state lines and city limits. Austin is the first example—and first test—of expansion into new cities. By focusing on a common mission, the Boulder and Austin Houses remain identical in service of their communities and format. Yet in important ways, the two will be entirely unique. Founded to promote local businesses and local entrepreneurship, Austin will be—must be—its own entity, a sister to the Boulder House yet with a flavor entirely individual.

The Mercurial Session took place on Thursday June 30th, just after the Byte session in Boulder. Conjunctured was kind enough to offer their venue for the session. We were prepared for the challenge of growth and the realization of our mission: diversity of thought, the elimination of stunted solutions, an open space where voices can be heard, and creative ideas born across the country. Preparations were made, the structure was in it’s place and the Austin House was a great success!

Kevin Verde, the host of House of Genius Austin, his team, and a community of thinkers led an energetic discussion and an evening of connections.

We were honored to have the following presenters to kick off the inaugural session in Austin:

Firefly LED Lighting

Presenter: Steve Barcik
Website: http://www.fireflyledlight.com/

Three words: Efficiency, Longevity, and Flexibility.  A proprietary heat sink design dissipating 40 % more heat than the competition; a modular lamp design providing for hardware upgrades rather than lamp replacement; and out of the box functionality for dimming and control make Firefly LED a leader in the marketplace.


Presenter: Moneet Singh
Website: http://www.simversity.com/

A new approach to e-learning designed specially for the self-improvement and self-help industry, simversity™ produces learning experiences that combine web-based social networking, high-quality multimedia and an “always on” immersion via mobile apps. Simversity provides authors and publishers with a unique way to monetize content.

Spanning Backup for Google Apps

Presenter: Charlie Wood
Website: http://spanning.com/

Online backup for Google Apps. Your Apps account and your users’ calendars, contacts, and docs will be continually backed up automatically. No end-user config required.


Quick poster for posting up genius in windows across the country.

Byte Coffee Mug

Here’s a sneak peak at the coffee mug design for next week’s session, Byte.


Using Our Senses

A quick peak peek at tonight’s session. Our first event that has started before the sun goes down.