House of Genius goes mobile to create more of a good thing

House of Genius “Active Network” an answer to the frequently asked question, “I’ve been to a live session… Now what?”

— Contributed by Toma Bedolla, Cofounder

A consistent inquiry that arises across the entire ‘Genius neighborhood is what happens after the lights go off on another collaborative session? I hear this almost as often as I hear people ask, “can I come to the next one?”. Quotes and testimonials are great, but it’s these questions that I think represent our greatest compliment, shedding light on what I believe is our greatest opportunity…to create the world’s first “active network.”

App Mockup

This concept is an evolving one, something we refine with every conversation, dialogue and debate about the idea. The tene
ts of this idea are simple:
  1. Networking is broken or is at least a highly unproductive endeavor, i.e., poor/risky returns on time investment
  2. Geographic limitations still apply in spite of social graph platforms like LinkedIn, especially for entrepreneurs.
  3. A network, not just the nodes within the network, should be capable of making intelligent connections when prompted.
It does not matter who you are, what you do or where you are when it comes to collaborating effectively to address (often solving) entrepreneurial challenges. This fact has played out time and again, regardless of the nation or credentials in the room. It’s time we take the secret sauce of what happens now in 17 cities globally along with everyone who has contributed/presented/organized ‘Genius sessions and bring it all together. Our foundation for what we believe with the help of technology will become the genesis of an active network.
Our initial stab at the platform will begin with a mobile application that will be quite basic (apply for sessions and receive updates) with a follow on feature add to allow Directors/Organizers to send push notification invites for last minute fill-ins.
We’d certainly welcome the neighborhood’s feedback as we begin to iterate on this application and growing platform. Check back often for exciting news of a rollout. Stay in touch via our newsletter.

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