Toma Bedolla
Co-Founder, CEO

Toma’s experiences are as broad as life has allowed, moving from one adventure to the next. He has provided leadership and support as CEO of TravelSHARK, CEO of Approbatics, as Chief Technology Officer for Jason’s Deli, studied physics at the Colorado School of Mines, climbed unnamed peaks in the Kunlun mountain range north of Tibet, played collegiate baseball and caddied full time on the PGA Tour. Toma strives to live his life to the fullest and to make the most of the opportunities as they have presented themselves. He aims to help others do the same and realize the potential that is in all of us. He spends his time exploring cross-pollinating entrepreneurship, advising and mentoring projects and individuals he believes in, getting to know his 2-year-old daughter, and exploring or tinkering with new ideas and perspectives every day.

Toma’s passion for House of Genius is helping communities around the world engage entrepreneurship more effectively while developing the strategies and platforms to integrate the global House of Genius community to make entrepreneurship fundamentally more effective. Occasionally you’ll find him on Twitter @Toma_Bedolla