Session One

Need help materializing your ideas? Need people to help you execute ideas and utilize your skillset? Session One is for you.

Genius will be kicking things off November 15, 2010, with the launch of Session One. Our first event will be a stew of brilliant and passionate individuals looking to expand their ideas, personal goals and get their hands dirty with projects. It will also be a great opportunity to expand your network. Sign up for the first workshop.

Some great elements to look forward to:

Learn about House of Genius
Unlikely Introductions & Backgrounds
Founder Dating
Idea and Mind mapping
Mentor-driven commentary
Group discussions
Facilitated communication post-event

When will the event be held?
November 15, 2010. 6:52PM – 9:27PM

The initial event will be held at the Da Vinci Institute in Louisville, Colorado.
The Vault, 511 E South Boulder Road, Louisville, CO 80027

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OK, where do I sign up?

Registration for the event is available to anyone, however, we will only select 15 attendees we feel will benefit the most. Ready to sign up? Register yourself here.【工事費込セット(商品+基本工事)】[RAS-BJ28G-W] 日立 ルームエアコン BJシリーズ 白くまくん ベーシックモデル 冷暖房:10畳程度 2017年モデル 単相100V?15A くらしセン
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レゴ LEGO 【LEGO City Train Station Exclusive Set 】
カナダ産 100%ピュア メープルシロップNo.1 ミディアム 250ml/330g(ボトル) 24本メープルテルワー(Maple Terroir)
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