our neighborhood has become a global movement

Supporting our work at house of genius is more than just giving back. It’s an investment.

We partner with companies who are committed to positive social and economic impacts in their backyard and around the world.

turning support into community engagement and social impact

House of Genius is about cultivating innovation and entrepreneurship; we function as a volunteer-run organization supported by a modest team based in Boulder, Colorado. We are building a “Neighborhood” of entrepreneurial communities around the world.

Your support for House of Genius is the electricity we need to power our houses and keep the lights on. Whether for our global neighborhood or the just the house in your ‘hood, we are humbled and honored to receive your support and we strive to offer unique gifts to show our gratitude.

Partnership connects you to the social impact and economic growth our collaborative platform makes possible in your community. It is more than supporting an event or an organization, you are making an investment on behalf of the communities you care about.

email: partners@houseofgenius.org

our partnership blueprints

We believe our neighborhood partners are the pillars of a vibrant community. Genius offers values aligned, community-minded organizations a chance to be recognized as such. We are honored to invite these organizations to the table.

I. Main Level Partnership
aligning your brand with community collaboration

For companies who want to be more than a logo. We ensure your organization is recognized as an active agent in support of the entrepreneurial community. Partners are the Electricity of our neighborhood, and our main level package is a great way to support the essentials that help us keep the lights on.

II. Upstairs Partnership
the next level to support and engage the community

For those who believe in a more integrated approach to community building and innovation, the upstairs package will get your organization into our events and a seat at the table.

III. The Rooftop
support and leverage our transformative platform

Our rooftop package allows organizations to foster innovation for their communities and themselves. Designed to leverage diversity for creative ideation. You will become an integral part of our story as we break down the barriers to community engagement.

Together we can unlock the potential in the diversity of perspectives to solve Local and Global problems. Partners at this level give us a realistic chance to usher in a new era of collaborative communities.

Our original sponsorship videoラック式ハンドプレス RP-35 東洋工具(ORIENTAL)【送料?手数料無料】【smtb-k】【w2】, courtesy of the generosity and fine talents of Marty Miller【未使用】ダンヒル dunhill サイドカー ダブルジップ トラベルコンパニオン トラベルポーチ セカンドバッグ 長財布 ブラック レザー L2F214A 【中古】, a friend of the Genius Neighborhood and founder of SafeNet Consulting自在移動回転台車 中重量型 取手付タイプ 幅1110×奥行き1110×高さ931mm 均等耐荷重:500kg【RC-4TG】, a long-standing pillar of the Minneapolis metro-area community[送料無料]ペアリング ダイヤ ダイヤモンド プラチナ900結婚指輪 マリッジリング プラチナリング結婚記念リング ハンドメイド 2本セット 甲丸【楽ギフ_包装】0824カード分割【コンビニ受取対応商.

[ダイワ18-BS] 33cm丸型フードパン 白 6個セット ※受注生産
シューズクリーナー アクター3(日本製) アクター3(アソート)?レッド/100点?ブルー/100点(代引き不可)【ポイント10倍】
Apple Watch38mm用革ベルト クロコダイル革 オーダー製作(アップルウォッチ用ベルト)
【第3類医薬品】【送料無料(北海道?沖縄を除く)】アリナリッチEXハイ 270錠×30個セット
時計ベルト フランクミュラー FRANCK MULLER 8900 CC GP用 純正替えベルト 黒クロコダイル革
HAMILTON ハミルトン ジャズマスター 腕時計 時計 自動巻き H32515155【楽ギフ_包装】H2【S1】