Founded: Spring 2013
Coordinators: Lisa Solimeo

Times: Sessions occur on the second Tuesday of every month from 6:45 – 9:30PM in Manhattan.

New York is a passion place for many entrepreneurs, investors, media experts, attorneys, creatives, consultants, and just about every type of person on the planet. We’re super excited to be building a team and network engulfed in the NYC creative and entrepreneurial world.

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Lisa SolimeoLisa Solimeo, City Director
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Lisa’s career in the entertainment industry has spanned from touring on a rock festival to television programming & production to working as a talent manager with top YouTube creators & digital influencers today. A strategic thinker with creative execution, Lisa’s goal is always to create things that inspire and invoke curiosity. She loves to travel, eat, and discover cool design around the world.

kyle mengelcamp bwKyle Mengelkamp, Organizer

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Kyle loves connecting with people and cultures all around the world. What gets him out of bed everyday is the art of story. Kyle is a video content producer and he helps small businesses and brands tell their story in a creative way. When he is not producing content, you can find him traveling the world, trying to become a wine connoisseur, or playing sports in Central Park.

Jennifer HwangJennifer Hwang, Organizer
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Jennifer is a project manager at The College Board, where she gets to apply her love of education and creating order towards creating opportunity for all students. She fully expects to die buried under a pile of unread books, but will keep buying them anyway.

Jennifer HwangNikhil Paul, Organizer, Automated Systems Whiz
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A tech entrepreneur dancing his way through life. Currently, he’s CTO of a public speaking coach app called Presentr while also leading Bollywood dance workshops that incorporates Mindfulness and team building activities to get people to laugh, dance and be more human together.

Tommy BenningTommy Benning, Organizer
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Hailing all the way from Boulder, Colorado, Tommy has joined our Manhattan House after having spent two years as an organizer and moderator for the House in Denver, Colorado. He is passionate about facilitating the sharing of ideas and opportunities and finds energy in connecting people through shared experiences. When he’s not out running, traveling, or enjoying the many incredible eateries this great city has to offer, he can be found enabling sales excellence through tool creation, training, and coaching at MongoDB.


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2017 Session Dates

Tuesday, October 10
Tuesday, November 13
Tuesday, December 12