Founded: August 2011
Organizer: Jacqui Dietrich

Times: Sessions occur from about 6:30 – 9:30PM. It’s helpful to arrive about 15 minutes early.

House of Genius Denver was founded in 2010 to enable the entrepreneurial spirit of the community and make it a more vibrant place to live, work and play. It’s a way for our City’s boldest companies, innovators, creators and inventors to work with community members to overcome the barriers to success.

If you’re living in the Denver or the surrounding areas – get involved!

Denver sessions happen on the last Thursday of every month unless noted otherwise. Locations may change. Don’t forget, anyone can apply to present a business challenge or to contribute to the discussion, but we curate the room carefully and you must be invited. Please apply to queue for an upcoming session.


Jacqui DietrichJacqui Dietrich, Director
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Jacqui hosts House of Genius Denver in her quest to see every new venture may get a fair shot at success. She became Executive Director of House of Genius in 2013 to open Houses in new cities and serve the growing team of volunteers. She previously worked in cross-campus entrepreneurship education at the University of Colorado (CU) Boulder, where she also earned a master’s degree in business with an emphasis in sustainable entrepreneurship. Jacqui’s first company was Wild Idea where she managed the day-to-day pursuit of the company’s vision of environmental, animal and human health. She enjoys traveling as a “Genius” and loves coming home to her family in Colorado, especially her two teenage sons… who already show entrepreneurial tendencies.

dR_Headshot_HoGDan Richardson, Moderator
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Dan has always been drawn toward the discovery of new perspectives as well as the aesthetics and practicalities of design. At an early age he became fascinated by the intersections and contrasts that occur between the natural world and the built environment. Studying environmental design and architecture gave structure and formal process to Dan’s creative thinking. This structure enabled Dan to apply his creativity to generate complex and strategic solutions for business.

Dan became a professional creative in the advertising industry where he worked on launching and maintaining global brands. His art direction and design work won international awards and recognition. Dan’s focus has since been drawn to other mediums. He has worked and consulted for the publishing, packaged goods, mobile, medical, and action-sports industries. In addition, Dan has founded, helped launch, and managed start-up businesses. Still appreciating the nuances of applied aesthetics and social artifacts, Dan is focused on user experience and digital communication. Currently, Dan is collaborating on his third software business. He is always thinking about the next new idea.




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Our venues change from time to time. Your invitation will include all event details.

Our venues include: Fluid Meeting Spaces, University of Denver Daniels College of Business, Convercent

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Upcoming Sessions

  • Last Thursday of every month unless otherwise noted