Founded: March 2017
Location: Castillo 637, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Why Buenos Aires? 
It’s a great city full of creativity, with a strong and diverse culture, where several people share their ideas and discover new stuff every day. We believe that Buenos Aires has a strong inclination to a collaborative way of work, so we know that our city needs to improve the creative community of people, companies, and ideas in order to explore, discuss and solve certain problems.
We love collaborating with others because it is the best way to expand our limits. We want to collaborate in a fun, entertaining environment.

Shoes off, with joy!



Diego Luque, Co-City Director
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Diego was chosen in 2014 as one of the 50 most innovative people in Argentina (Apertura magazine), in large part for the development of Ogilvy Finishers, the first startup program from a publicity agency in that part of the world.

He is an active founding partner at the Planning Association, APG Argentina, having been its president until December 2014, where he helped develop and disseminate the discipline. He is a member of the prestigious panel for Naves, the entrepreneurship center at IAE Business School.


María Paz Fonseca, City Director

Maria Paz was born knowing that she wanted to communicate. She didn’t know exactly what or how, but without a doubt, she wanted to tell something. Problem solver and thinker, she got her degree in advertising, then received a Master of Journalism at the University of San Andrés. After traveling to different parts of the world she understood how important networking can be, and how an expanded community helps everyone. She is always looking for new experiences to learn and to feel useful.


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Castillo 637, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

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