Founded: November 2010
City Director: Tim O’Shea

Times: Sessions occur from about 6:15 – 9:30PM

As the founding city of ‘Genius we strive to bring together different people from the Boulder area to make unlikely connections and friendships. We have proven to help entrepreneurs make great decisions and empower them to succeed.

We host Boulder Sessions the Second Tuesday of every month at Boulder Bits. Don’t forget, anyone can apply but applying does not guarantee you a seat at any particular Session. We will do our best to invite you to a Session as soon as possible.


Tim O’Shea, City Director 
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Tim is Co-Founder of  Engage Colorado.

He’s spent the last several years active in the Boulder startup and small business scene. His background in information science, system architecture, network administration and security allow him to talk proficient tech.  His involvement with public broadcasting on the national market via Public Radio International gives him a strong ability to communicate complex information in a soothing fashion. Tim is always happy to connect you to interesting people and events that will realign your parameters (in a good way).  He is often found riding on two wheels–bicycle or motorcycle. His friends call him TMO.


We are building a Team! If you are interested in Volunteering with House of Genius Boulder, Apply Here.


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