Founded: November 2010
Organizer: Bing Chou (Not affiliated with or Microsoft!)

Times: Sessions occur from about 6:30 – 9:30PM. It’s helpful to arrive about 15 minutes early.

Other than taking pride as the founding city of ‘Genius(!) We strive to bring together different people from the Boulder area to make unlikely connections and friendships. We have proven to help entrepreneurs make great decisions and empower them to succeed.

We host Boulder sessions the second Wednesday of every month at Bing HQ. Don’t forget, anyone can apply but you must be invited!


Bing Chou, Organizer
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Bing is Managing Director at Quick Left, a custom web and mobile development firm located in downtown Boulder, CO.

Prior to Quick Left, Bing committed career suicide in a variety of ways: by taking 7 months to hike the 2,100+ mile Appalachian Trail, getting his MBA at Babson College, selling cars for a living, launching and failing with a bricks and mortar business, working at a non-profit small business consultancy, and joining an online education startup.

After joining a session as a contributor, Bing stumbled into opportunities to present, moderate, and organize for House of Genius Boulder. You can find Bing on Twitter @virtuallybing.

Jake WellsJake Wells, Moderator
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Jake was once a serial entrepreneur in the same way he used to date a lot. Since finding that special-infatuation-turned-something-serious in both his professional and personal worlds, he’s changed. Now he’s pretty serious with his expanding business In-State Angels, way beyond going-steady, and similarly involved with a woman he’s far beyond being more-than-fond-of, Trinity. In-State Angels is based in Boulder and helps out-of-state college students get in-state tuition. Trinity, also based in Boulder, is a half-investment-banker and half-lightweight backpacker (she calls herself a lightweight banker).

A simple man, Jake, defined predictably by the two biggest things in his life, also has a consuming passion for business and likes to talk shop: enter House of Genius.

Toma Bedolla
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Tim Williams
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Sponsored by: Bing
15th and Walnut
2nd Floor – Massive Room
Boulder, CO. 80302

Upcoming Sessions

  • February 13, 2013
  • March 13, 2013
  • April 10, 2013
  • The second Wednesday of every month, unless otherwise noted.