Founded: June 2011
Current Organizer: Matt Fox

Times: Sessions occur from about 6:12pm – 8:49PM. It’s helpful to arrive about 15 minutes early.

Austin has a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, a fantastic music scene, and tons of smart people. Naturally, it was our first experiment for bringing House of Genius outside of Colorado to become part of the eclectic mix. Launched in June 2011, the team has already made a significant impact in the city.

Don’t forget, anyone can apply but you must be invited! Please do so if you are interested in attending.


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Matt Fox
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Matt Fox is Vice President of Business Development at Datical. Prior to Datical, he led the worldwide technical training business at Avnet which he joined through the acquisition of Ascendant Technology in 2012.  Matt held a variety of leadership roles in business development, sales, and marketing at Ascendant and in the Software Group at IBM. In addition to his “day job”, Matt was co-founder of Spotzen, a web and commercial video production company, and he remains an active board member. He works with other Austin startups in a consulting/advisor role, mostly regarding partnership and go-to-market strategy.
Matt is an MBA graduate from Columbia Business School. He is the father of three great kids and husband to an amazing wife. In his spare time, Matt enjoys tennis, running Town Lake, camping (one night only!), listening to music, and cooking and eating great food.

 Kevin Verde
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Passionate about technology, travel, and food in equal measures, Kevin heads the Strategic Services division at Onix Networking–a best-in-class cloud consulting company.

Previously, Kevin was the CIO of the 235-location fast-casual chain, Jason’s deli. At Jason’s, Kevin lead a team that pioneered the use of cloud technology in the hospitality and retail space.

Before Jason’s, Kevin was enjoying tapas and sangria in Spain while he was the Director of IT at St. Louis University’s Madrid campus. Additionally, he taught software engineering with a focus on open-source technology.

After attending a Boulder House of Genius session, Kevin started the first expansion ‘House’ in Austin, Texas which has been cheerfully welcomed by the Austin entrepreneurial community.

Brittani McCall
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Brittani McCall graduated from The University of Texas in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. As proud as she is to be a Longhorn, her post-college adventures are truly where she’s found her core motivators in life: Cultures & People.

In 2011, Brittani sold everything she owned, fundraised $20K and traveled to 14 third world countries/regions to live as a local and teach business acumen and English. Born and raised in Houston, TX, she has called Austin home for the last 11 years. The past 8 years Brittani has focused her professional efforts on Sales, Sales Strategy, Business Development and Market Expansions heavily in the IT space. She is currently an Enterprise Sales Lead for Chariot, a division of Ford City Solutions.


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