Founded: February 2013
City Director: Michael Koenka
Moderators: Alex Kitain
Organizers: Michael Koenka, Charlotte Anthony
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Location: THNK Amsterdam
 Sessions occur from 7:00PM – 10:00PM.
Please plan to arrive by 6:45PM to be on the safe side.


Amsterdam, though small in scale, is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world with over 175 nationalities living together. We will marry this spirit of diversity nicely with the mission of House of Genius to bring a global perspective and world-class talent to developing businesses.

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The Amsterdam Team

Michael Koenka
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Michael Koenka is a social business and media strategist for startups, brands and advertising agencies looking to clearly and sustainably communicate with their audiences. Originally from Montréal, Michael has lived in Amsterdam for more than 4 years, and loves being a part of the vibrant startup communities across the capital.

Passionate about good people, great ideas (and amazing food) Michael is one quirky geek on a quest to blend human behaviour with technology in exciting new ways. Whether teaching, coaching, mentoring startups, or planning global cross-media marketing strategies, Michael’s work seeks to create a world where communications is useful, and meaningful for everyone.

A fanatic of human, social and business psychology, he graduated with a Masters in International and Developmental Affairs from NPSIA/SPPA at Carleton Univeristy in Ottawa, Canada. Always hungry, and forever curious to meet new people, be sure to reach out to him any time.


Alex Kitaín
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Alex Kitain
Alex is the co-founder of specialty coffee business The Coffeevine, and has been an Amsterdam resident for more than 7 years. He has lived all over the world and speaks 4 languages fluently. He studied Marketing in the UK, and started his career working in brand marketing for a large multinational before spending several years managing various Marketing departments at different e-commerce companies.

In 2012 he started a blog about specialty coffee, which is now one of Europe’s most popular blogs about getting great coffee. Recently he decided to turn his back on the corporate world and follow his dream by turning The Coffeevine blog into a business. The Coffeevine has just launched its own coffee subscription service, which will feature only the very finest coffees.
He is a talented networker who doesn’t take no for an answer. As they say in his native German: Geht nicht, gibt’s nicht.


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THNK // The Amsterdam School for Creative Leadership
Haarlemmerweg 8A
Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 684 25 06

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Session Dates

Monthly sessions will be held in 2015 by invitation only for those who are nominated or who apply. Anyone can apply to join the community and be invited to participate in upcoming sessions.

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