Dimensions: January 18th at 6:34PM

Announcing the “Dimensions” Session

We’re gearing up for another awesome Genius event and only have a handful of spots open. In case you haven’t gotten the message… we put about 20 people into a room who don’t know each other, their backgrounds or accomplishments. Three people present business ideas, hurdles or personal goals. Everyone is involved in a fast-paced idea generating / problem solving process that makes each person participate and provide feedback for the presenters.  You’ll get to know who each person is and their background at the end of the event . One of our sponsors, Printfection.com, wrote a great blog post about how introductions can be harmful. Want to attend? Apply here.  The last session was hosted at the SparkPalace Penthouse by the Sparkrelief.org guys.

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Event Details

Date: Tuesday January 18, 2011
Time: 6:34PM – 8:19PM (plan to arrive 15 minutes early)
Location: Boulder Mountain Lodge
91 Four Mile Canyon Dr.
Boulder, CO 80302

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