Senses: March 23 at 6:33PM

Senses, StartupWeekend and More!

Heads up! You must register and be invited to attend this event.

Alright folks, it’s about that time again. We’ve pushed our original date back in light of all the exciting stuff going on lately. We’ve been busy with our own ventures, going to other cool events and of course the usual day to day. Also, our friend Casey Schorr has been at SXSW promoting SwagLove, which provides all of our awesome merch!

We’re super excited to announce that all of our presenters for this session will be the selected top pitches from StartupWeekend Boulder! If you have been thinking about going to one then you should absolutely register for it. A few members of our team attended the Boulder event and we’re happy to report it was a great experience; we all gained new connections, learned from each other and even started building a cool project! House of Genius encourages anyone wanting to execute on an idea to check out StartupWeekend. You can find Jon Rossi’s contact information on their website for more info.

Special thanks to our sponsors! They are all services that have helped us along the way…

Approbatics ( – Top-tier offshore web & app development for local
SwagLove & Printfection ( – Merchandise and customer loyalty solutions
MemberHub ( – Unique group communication
WebCopyPlus (  – Website copy and superb writing talent

Event Details

Date: Wednesday March 23, 2011
Time: 6:33PM – 9:18PM (plan to arrive 15 minutes early)
Waterstone, Inc.
1750 14th Street, Suite 201
Boulder, CO. 80302

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Seasons Coffee Mug

In case you didn’t know, a custom coffee mug is created, handed-out (and used!), during each session. Each mug is unique to it’s event and only those who attend get one. If you want a brand-spankin’ new mug and want to be part of a phenomenal group of individuals… you should sign up.

Here is a sneak peak of the “Seasons” mug design, which is currently in production:

Seasons: February 17 at 6:31PM

Announcing the “Seasons” Session

House of Genius announces it’s 4th Session for February 17, 2011. We had a very interesting session at Boulder Mountain Lodge last month with a cocktail of phenomenal people including an attorney, an auditor (uh oh!), a senior marketer and an Economics student at CU to name a few. Everyone was able to contribute valuable feedback to the presenters and we witnessed some great networking. A couple of brand new business relationships have fostered in the past 30 days resulting from the Dimensions session.

Our Thursday event promises to be very exciting and filled with great individuals! We have received excellent registrations in the past 30-days and we’re pleased to invite a couple of past registrants who were unable to attend the last session. Three great presenters are in store all with ventures at different stages ready to be broken down at House of Genius!

We want to thank our Sponsors for helping make this session possible:

Approbatics (
SwagLove & Printfection (
MemberHub (

Event Details

Date: Thursday February 17, 2011
Time: 6:31PM – 8:14PM (plan to arrive 15 minutes early)
SparkPalace Penthouse
1035 Pearl St. Suite 501

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Dimensions: January 18th at 6:34PM

Announcing the “Dimensions” Session

We’re gearing up for another awesome Genius event and only have a handful of spots open. In case you haven’t gotten the message… we put about 20 people into a room who don’t know each other, their backgrounds or accomplishments. Three people present business ideas, hurdles or personal goals. Everyone is involved in a fast-paced idea generating / problem solving process that makes each person participate and provide feedback for the presenters.  You’ll get to know who each person is and their background at the end of the event . One of our sponsors,, wrote a great blog post about how introductions can be harmful. Want to attend? Apply here.  The last session was hosted at the SparkPalace Penthouse by the guys.

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Event Details

Date: Tuesday January 18, 2011
Time: 6:34PM – 8:19PM (plan to arrive 15 minutes early)
Location: Boulder Mountain Lodge
91 Four Mile Canyon Dr.
Boulder, CO 80302

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Dichotomy. Thu Dec. 9th at 6:44PM.

Announcing the “Dichotomy” Session

Our last House of Genius – “Session One” was a great success. We were able to provide three individuals some great insight on how to move forward with their goals and/or gain actionable steps on how to progress their ideas. Everyone who attended gained some real value and left with motivation to move something forward. The format was also a great success and we are excited to share it with a new group of people!

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Event Details

Date: Thursday December 9, 2010
Time: 6:44PM – 9:12PM (plan to arrive early)
Location: SparkPalace Penthouse
1035 Pearl St. Suite 501

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