Toma Bedolla

Toma’s experiences are as broad as his life has allowed, moving from one adventure to the next. He has served as Chief Technology Officer for Jason’s Deli, studied physics at the Colorado School of Mines, climbed unnamed peaks in the Kunlun mountain range north of Tibet, played collegiate baseball and caddied full time on the PGA Tour. Toma strives to live his life to the fullest and to make the most of the opportunities as they have presented themselves. He aims to help others do the same and realize the potential that is in all of us.

Toma is currently exploring cross-pollinating entrepreneurship; he is the pioneering spirit behind the HowTru? project, an effort that will measure the accuracy of information on the Web. He also serves as the CEO for Approbatics,  an international development firm that focuses on small-to-mid sized businesses and startups as a low cost software development alternative. Toma’s role at House of Genius is to continue to grow the entrepreneurial community service and develop strategies to integrate our Houses with their local communities. Occasionally you’ll find him on Twitter @Toma_Bedolla or  +Toma Bedolla on Google+.


Tim Williams

Tim’s entire life has been a dedicated path of entrepreneurship via risk taking, problem solving and relationship building. His fearless mentality has anointed him a successful entrepreneur and provided a world of experience sooner than most. By age 22, he successfully founded four companies in industrial cleaning, printing, and technology. It wouldn’t be possible without having surrounded himself with the best of the best, failing, and learning from his experiences. Tim’s path is and always will be; a work-in-progress. His role at House of Genius is to create and direct the vision, facilitate international growth, and maintain the brand.

In addition to his efforts of co-founding and operating House of Genius, he most recently founded Baumhaur Group – a design group in Boulder, Colorado – which lets him experience many companies vicariously and contribute to other entrepreneurs and their projects. Tim is a firm believer of purpose driven entrepreneurship, open intelligence, and relationships first. These are the values he infuses into House of Genius. You can follow Tim on Twitter @timwilliamz.

  Jacqui DietrichJacqui Dietrich

Global Director

Jacqui hosts House of Genius: Denver in her quest to see every deserving entrepreneur get a shot at success. She became Global Director of the organization in 2013 to open Houses in new cities and serve the growing team of volunteers. She previously worked to deliver entrepreneurship education beyond the business school at the University of Colorado (CU) Boulder, where she also earned a master’s degree in business with an emphasis in sustainable entrepreneurship. Jacqui’s first startup was as a founding employee of Wild Idea where she led the day-to-day pursuit of the company’s vision of environmental, animal and human health. Now she continues to champion entrepreneurial solutions to the world’s food issues, including efforts as a board member of Naturally Boulder, an organization inspiring the next generation of food and product companies. She enjoys traveling as a “Genius” and loves coming home to her family in Colorado, especially her two teenage sons… who already show entrepreneurial tendencies. On Twitter @msjacquid

Christina Trapolino
Social Media Director – Austin, TX.

Christina has been working to build and nurture digital communities for almost ten years.  Co-founding her first startup as a teenager aroused a lifelong passion for entrepreneurial endeavours, and being a digital native has made Christina acutely aware of what it means to connect with others online.

Before reaching her twenties, Christina was the principal leader of a digital community boasting over 100,000 active members.  At 25, she became an early adopter on Google+ and grew a large following quickly, which earned her several highlights in publications like The Huffington Post and Gizmodo.  This attention helped secure her current gig as the social media strategist and online brand manager for a national restaurant chain.

Her deep commitment to ethical and efficient digital branding strategies has made Christina an integral member of several advisory boards.  She is an open networker and can be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.


Eva Yao
Boulder, Co.

Eva is Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado-Boulder. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in accounting in her home country of China, Eva moved to Seattle to pursue her doctoral degree in Business Administration at the University of Washington. While enjoying the lush surroundings of the Pacific Northwest, she became fascinated with the “war stories” local entrepreneurs and investors told at various university events. Trained in organizational behavior and entrepreneurship, Eva studies the sociological and psychological aspects of the venture creation process. She has published 10 articles in various top and niche management and entrepreneurship journals and given over 30 research presentations in international conferences. Her recent projects examine entrepreneurs’ networking strategies and venture capital investment in the clean energy sector. Eva teaches entrepreneurship and research methods at CU-Boulder and is an affiliated faculty of the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship.

Alongside her research and teaching in entrepreneurship, Eva is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and keen on building entrepreneurial ecosystems locally and globally, which led her to become part of House of Genius. She believes in the creative genius that can be unleashed by enthusiasm and curiosity among a group of people with diverse backgrounds.

Eva enjoys international traveling, long-distance running, and Brazilian music. She is an active member of the Boulder Samba School.