Toma Bedolla

Toma’s experiences are as broad as life has allowed, moving from one adventure to the next. He has provided leadership and support as CEO of TravelSHARK, CEO of Approbatics, as Chief Technology Officer for Jason’s Deli, studied physics at the Colorado School of Mines, climbed unnamed peaks in the Kunlun mountain range north of Tibet, played collegiate baseball and caddied full time on the PGA Tour. Toma strives to live his life to the fullest and to make the most of the opportunities as they have presented themselves. He aims to help others do the same and realize the potential that is in all of us. He spends his time exploring cross-pollinating entrepreneurship, advising and mentoring projects and individuals he believes in, getting to know his 2-year-old daughter, and exploring or tinkering with new ideas and perspectives every day.

Toma’s passion for House of Genius is helping communities around the world engage entrepreneurship more effectively while developing the strategies and platforms to integrate the global House of Genius community to make entrepreneurship fundamentally more effective. Occasionally you’ll find him on Twitter @Toma_Bedolla or  +Toma Bedolla on Google+.

beniJonathan Beninson
Chief Strategy Officer

Jonathan believes that innovation-driven by entrepreneurs is capable of solving all of the challenges that we face as humans and as a part of the global ecosystem. As a result, his passion is to drive innovation around the world by building communities that encourage and support entrepreneurs. A serial entrepreneur, mentor, author, investor, and international speaker, Jonathan is into social entrepreneurship and impact investing, which means he believes that one can do well while doing good. His ventures and investments serve the global community while balancing investor returns. His adventures can be found in several publications internationally, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Barron’s, and Business Weekly.

He advises businesses and governmental organizations on how to create entrepreneurial ecosystems and ways to engage the millennial generation. He has been recognized for his work being named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for his commitment to service through entrepreneurship. When he’s not working, you can find him behind a book or likely sharing time with his wife and daughter. You might also find him eating street food on a sidewalk in SE Asia.

Chris Chavez
Global Community Cultivator

Chris’s talents and skills are in the service of making our world a more vibrant, equitable, and interesting place. He and his partners are building prime produce – a guild for 21st-century craft – in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. The guild is unequal parts living room, cafe, workshop, co-working space, green roof, and upstate retreat space. It will provide a place for unlike minds who share like values to make time for things that matter. Chris loves +1s, but also warmly welcomes -1s whenever there is a dissenting insight or reflection to be given.

soupSean Campbell
Partner, Strategic Advisor

Sean is an entrepreneur, real estate developer, community builder and former Wall Street executive with a strong background in finance, real estate, media, and business development. After twelve successful years in the New York financial community, Sean’s passion for creating, developing, and funding new businesses led him to significantly change his life trajectory. He has managed, founded, and led several businesses in technology, media, and real estate.

Sean is currently the Founder and CEO of FORMATIV, a dynamic real estate development & consulting company specializing in transformative urban projects focused on catalyzing business ecosystems domestic and global. Currently, Sean is developing the new World Trade Center Denver complex in the River North community and bringing the DNA of House of Genius to into community-minded projects before they even break ground.

Whitney KenterWhitney Kenter
City Director (St. Louis), Strategic Advisor

Whitney’s enthusiasm for the House of Genius concept and belief in its power to expand and enhance the St. Louis community was a driving force behind the launch of House of Genius St. Louis. She has been helping entrepreneurial families navigate their wealth for decades, beginning at KPMG and moving onto Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and now Matter Family Office, where she serves as a partner and managing member. She’s practically a dual citizen of St. Louis and Denver, splitting her time between Matter’s offices in both cities, but also enjoys cultivating a network of entrepreneurs and change agents from around the world as she heads to various cities throughout the year for conferences and events that feed her desire to create and innovate in everything she does. Whitney graduated from Kansas State University with a BSBA in Accounting. In between time with her three kids, involvement in several St. Louis boards, and her work with families, she stays very active with a daily yoga or cross training workout.

The Neighborhood Watch (a.k.a. Our Many Champions, Advisors, and City Architects)

Tim Williams

Tim’s entire life has been a dedicated path of entrepreneurship via risk-taking, problem-solving and relationship building. His fearless mentality has anointed him a successful entrepreneur and provided a world of experience sooner than most. By age 22, he successfully founded four companies in industrial cleaning, printing, and technology. It is only possible by surrounding himself with the best of the best, failing, and learning from his experiences. Tim’s path is and always will be; a work-in-progress. His role at House of Genius is to create and direct the vision, facilitate international growth, and maintain the brand.

In addition to his efforts of co-founding and operating House of Genius, he most recently founded Baumhaur Group – a design group in Boulder, Colorado – which lets him experience many companies vicariously and contribute to other entrepreneurs and their projects. Tim is a firm believer of purpose-driven entrepreneurship, open intelligence, and relationships first. These are the values he infuses into House of Genius. You can follow Tim on Twitter @timwilliamz.


Kevin Crocombe
Creative Design Advisor

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Kevin is responsible for making House of Genius look smart. He is from the generation of kids who were super psyched to get an Atari 2600 for Christmas in the early 80s, and has been that kind of “nerd” ever since. As further evidence of his child-of-the-80s status, he raced BMX bicycles and learned to snowboard when lessons were free and rental equipment included Sorel boots retro-fitted with ski-boot liners. He was born in Oklahoma, but got to Colorado as quickly as possible, now claiming to be “almost native” after living in Colorado over half his life.

The degree on his wall says “engineer,” but his real interests are rooted in design. A somewhat byzantine career path has lead him from (various incarnations of) telecom engineer to business analyst, to his current position (which he totally loves and feels is a perfect fit) of Director of Product Development for TravelShark. In that role, he’s working on app and site development and loving every minute of it! After years of watching the tech startup/entrepreneur community from the periphery, he’s happy to finally be playing in the same sandbox.