What’s House of Genius all about?

The goal of House of Genius is to assemble interesting, diverse groups of people to focus their collective creativity and experience to explore, discuss and solve important problems of entrepreneurship. We hold evening sessions once a month in cities around the world.

What happens in a typical session?

We bring together a group of 15-18 wide-ranging minds and three business presenters.  The three presenters share their business and a key problem they are facing in rapid-fire fashion. Next, each attendee offers questions, insights, suggestions, or introductions that may assist the presenter. The true “genius” is in the collaboration – you’ll be amazed at the power of thinking that is evoked from the structure of the sessions and the synergetic format.

What’s with all the mystery?

First names only at the start. House of Genius works best when we have a diversity of perspectives and where people candidly share their ideas freely and without filtering or ego. We ask attendees to refrain from disclosing their backgrounds at the start of the session so that ideas are accepted at face value and to encourage everyone to contribute equally. We don’t announce the attendees or presentation topics in advance; it’s a simple way to guarantee creative thinking, honest feedback and fresh ideas. Our format encourages attendees to lend their unique insights to problems that may be outside their fields of expertise — a crucial ingredient to gain novel perspectives and create innovative solutions.

Is this a networking event?

Yes, networking happens, but introductions come last once you’ve already come to understand how the others think. The super-committed refer to that portion of the program as the “reveal.”[/one_half]

How can I attend?

Visit our locations page and complete a profile questionnaire (application); since we try to balance areas of expertise across sessions, we curate the attendee lists every month. Anyone can apply but you must be invited to attend. For this reason, you may not hear from us immediately. We hope you will take the opportunity to attend when you receive your invitation!

What if I want to present?

If you are involved in a new, mature, small or large company willing to candidly present a current business challenge that could benefit from a bit of “Genius,” we’d love to hear from you. Just choose your location from those listed on this page, share your aspiration of presenting your company or project, and a member of your local chapter will be in touch.  You’ll need to prepare a five-minute presentation and a few slides to provide the House with background to your “ask.” Learn more about presenting at House of Genius.

What if I want to sponsor or start one in my city?

House of Genius is a globally vetted, organically grown organization. Please email Toma at permits@houseofgenius.org  about your interest. We’d be glad to start a conversation about how to bring this community service to your city.